Alhamdulillah. Tak sangka that I have been in University for 3 months. Banyak yang dapat aku pelajari dan perolehi di sini. Once entering the course, the quote that keeps spinning in my mind was (by one of my design lecturer) "we will be harsh and very critisise when marking your design work, know why? because this will give you the idea of how real designers work." BUT "bear in mind, we are not letting you down, we are here to support you to be a great designer".

Aku paham maksud Lecterur aku ni. Dia nak kitorang semua work hard in order to achieve a good grade. Therefore, I need to push myself to the limit. Kadang-kadang terasa ke-tension-an, tapi best jugak sebab setiap process, we will be learning and discovering new things. Things that sometimes you cant achieve in Theory. That is what we call the "EXPERIANCE". Alhamdulillah, semalam baru hantar salah satu big project -Replication of the Apple Mouse- yg bestnye, its all handmade! huhu, mmg mencabar :). Below:Step of the Making Process

Sanding Process Taking Place

Sanding Sealer: Creating Smooth Surfaces

Primer: Compulsory before Painting

Nearly There!

I Present You : The Apple Mighty Mouse

Alhamdulillah, project pun dah siap. Minggu depan dah cuti Xmas 2 minggu. Objective sekarang adalah untuk cari Kerjaaa~~!!! hehe, Melepaskan tension dgn bekerja.. Pelik kan? Tapi apa boleh buat. Student life mmg mcm ni kot. =).

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