Assalamua'laikum wbt

Last week had been a gloomy time for me, but one I thoroughly touched as I discovered the meaning of 'giving' to others. I was stunned when hearing the news that Dr. Mas Afzal is going back to Malaysia, and this time it is for *good*. It was sudden news which makes me think that "is his battle over?" Back then, he was diagnosed with Cancer called Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I instantly opened my e-mail and searched for any further news (breaking news) about him. I found out that, Dr. Mas Afzal was invited by the Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) to give his last word to the Malaysian Community, held in Welfare Mosque. At the time, my thought was him is probably having a happy ending. He might have already cured by the High Dose Chemotherapy that he had last week.

My prediction was in fact mistaken. (Dr.Mas Afzal and Me)

After having Isha's prayer at the mosque, my Malaysian friends and I gathered together, waiting impatiently to know about his progression. Surprisingly, the mosque was pack. Not only the Malaysian's were there, but other ethnic were there too.

Dr Mas Afzal's walk gradually in front and begin his speech. He begins by introducing about his illness, till the point where he highlighted "my doctor felt that the cancer is almost non responsive to the chemotherapy and transplant". I was utterly speechless.

However he said, having consulted by his parents and his close relatives, he has therefore decided that it's best that he return home to Malaysia, for good. To seek for a fresh breath of air, a new environment. To seek for that tiny ray of hope, wherever it might be.

A moment later, the sadness that he has been hiding before was finally revealed. His eyes were shortly getting redder and tears gradually running down to his chin. Having a few minutes, he slowly gasps his breath. Deeper and deeper. He explained the reason of why he is crying; it's not because of the illness he is facing, not because he is going back to Malaysia; but it rather for the reason that " its not that easy to appreciate or to experience the love that have been showed by the Muslim brothers/sisters in Sheffield, and to see so many people came to his final talk, in order to give support. That just meant quite a lot for him."

O Allah, I praise to you for giving me the chance to know him. His patience and determination in fighting against his dreadful disease has inspired me to be like him.

O Allah, yet he is smiling and accepting the fate that you have had given to him. With our Doa' ya Allah, please guide him and please return his good health.

Foremost, Health is indeed a bounty from Allah wherein most people are deceived.

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