Wahh~~!!! Snow turun lebat. Derasnya memberi petanda bahawa kekuasaan Allah tiada bandingannya. Alhamdulillah Syukur ^_^
Semalam aku berhijrah ke Huddersfield dengan Stagecoach Train. Ticket Alhamdulillah murah plak.. dalam £4.67 gituuh. Ku ingatkan mahal, jawabnya budget utk MAKAN aku bertambah laa jdinya muahaha...

Depart from Meadowhall Interchange Sheffield at 10.42am and arrived in Huddersfield at 11.56am, lama jgak perjalanannya, ikutkan hati malas nak pi. Tapi bisikan akal yg desperate nak masuk University ni memaksakan diri utk terus berjuang. Manerlaa tau disini bertapaknya rezeki aku ni. InsyaAllah.

University of Huddersfield is aint that bad. Looking through their facilities -including Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) mmg memuaskan hati. Cumer aku mmg cukup minat biler lecturer tuh introducekan psal Uni ni. Especially biler masuk bab Automotive Design. Huddersfield is a well known university in this area. So aku kenalah buat yg terbaik utk interview ni. Dapat offer dari UNI ni bkan senang. That day, around 16 candidates turned up for the interview. Yet the inteviewers have announced that only a few candidates will be qualified to achieve this offer. Agaknya dalam 3-5 orang kot.

Huddersfield University 1 by TDR1.

Tibanya giliran aku... ARIF SUZAILI!!! come in please~~

interview dia berbunyi gini.

How did you find out about this university?

Last summer, I went to Huddersfield University open day. From there, I have found all the interesting products made by the previous students. Majority of Huddersfield students have finally achieved to employ in such a big company such as Dyson, NHS, Lego, BMW and others. Within all of these reviews and advantages that you have, it subsequently builds up my interest to apply into this university.

Why do you choose Product Design Course?

I choose Product Design because I like to design and searching new ideas to create an innovative product. I’m also like to solve problems when it comes to product development and manufacture.

What sort of design do you like?

I enjoy the process of developing a product starting with initial ideas and the way it flows to create the Final Design. This is involved with the improvement that will be made into the design to produce the outcome. I’m also like the rendering techniques and the used of graphic pens in creating my design. This will allow me to get the basic principles of how the product going to look like in 3 dimensional shapes.

Where do you put yourself in 10 years time?

I have planned to finish my Degree in Product Design in a well known University such as Huddersfield. Then, I’m planning to do Master Degree or MDES in the area of Automotive Design. With all the knowledge and experience that I will be gaining from this university, hopefully in 10 years time I will be able to market myself into of the big companies in the world.

Why should we accept you into this course + university?

I have learned the basic principles of using CAD/CAM and keen to learn in depth into this course. I have also learn the rendering technique used into my initial ideas. Yet, I am able to make market research in finding the gaps that a product needs to appeal as one of the best product in the world of design. I think, with strong basic foundation that I have will allow me to do well in this course. PLUS with my great DESIRE to be successful designer, this would qualify me as a potential student in this University.

Alhamdulillah, interview tuh berjalan dgn lancar. Akhir sekali interviewers tuh giv me a conditional offer into the university. At least 220 UCAS Points baru bleh dpat.. walau mcm mana pun aku Syukur sangat2, dpat offer ni. HUHU...

disini aku nak ucapkan terima kasih bnyak2 kpd insan yg mendoakan kejayaanku... Hanya Allah sahajalah yg dapat membalas jasamu. (^_^) Itu jerlaa utk sekrang ni...



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